Monday, December 17, 2007

A Creationist Christmas

In case you're still looking for gift ideas...
Update: This item is sold out.

Side note: I'm probably way late on the pickup, but I've heard all this buzz about Etsy. And while I'm not a big shopper, I could spend hours looking at all the cute, weird, and awesome handmade things for sale here.


  1. this is an excellent opportunity to direct you to my future sister-in-law's Etsy site:

    Jessica makes *the most* amazing handmade purses, dresses, tops, blankets, toddler dresses, etc. She is a sewing phenomenon with a conscience.

  2. Whoa...she IS a sewer extraordinaire! AND she has 100% feedback. Buy from Jessica, people.

    And for the gazillion knitters I know, start your etsy site STAT.