Sunday, December 16, 2007

Etch A Sketch Art

Probably the most fascinating thing about Etch A Sketch Art is the comfort level that these people have spending hours upon hours working on a sketch, and then erasing it into oblivion...well...almost. Lucky for us, etchasketchist documents his babies and THEN kills them.

About his work etchasketchist says:
I think of an image or subject I want to do, I google that thing, i find the best reference image on Google Image search, then I just dig in and draw it. I don't do any pre-drawing on paper. Just straight from the computer screen to the etch.
This just might be the greenest way of making art.

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  1. For more outstanding Etch A Sketch art, keep on eye on my new site, as I'll be finishing it soon and adding new pieces several times a month.