Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kiwano Club

Who was expecting green on the inside? Not me.

Kiwano MELON? More like Kiwano CRAP. Man, this was bad. The taste is like an amplified cucumber, but imagine your amplified cucumber taste in the form of grapefruit. And instead of the juice in those little, elongated capsules, the consistency is more like, well, snot.

Too bad I wasn't born a Kiwano Melon. Only in this community would my adult acne be accepted as quintessential beauty.


  1. but the pictures are *beautiful*

  2. i can vouch: it was FOUL.

  3. Well it DOES have some beautiful colors and patterns going on which is why I picked it. Upon researching it more, most websites do say that its use is mostly as a decorative object.