Monday, February 18, 2008

New Lomo Tutorial

Lomo. It's an effect I'm continually drawn to. I'm also continually drawn to asking if there's a better way. And guess what? There is.

Let me take you through the steps I've followed just because what did/didn't work for me, may/may not work for you:
  • Originally dooce introduced me to the lomo sort of style through her awesome daily photos of her dog and family (besides that, you should subscribe to her very very funny blog). She even posted a tutorial that wasn't too helpful to me at the time because a) it assumes a bit of photoshop knowledge which I didn't/don't have much of and b) Her childhood photo example, though funny, seemed like a poor example compared to the rest of her photography.
  • Then I found a more spelled out version on Kingyo Senbei, which definitely improved my attempts. In fact, I still quite like them.
And now the newest addition to this collection of lomo tutorials is this one from the Digital Photography School (fellow photog students take note: this site is yet another great forum for photography enthusiasts as well as a great resource for learning and inspiring when your ideas are running dry).

Don't take my above example of the quality of this tutorial--I need to feather my vignette a bit more, and maybe come down on the sharpening among other things, but the author definitely seems to command a greater sense of authority over photoshop and why you should use the settings that are used.

Seems like a lot of steps for one image, but you can automate this by creating an action in the actions toolbar and go back and tweak whatever needs adjusting in the end. Actions, however, are for another post. :)


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  1. Hi Kelli - thanks for the Lomo tutorial info! This really looks like worth trying to get the Matt Hoyle effect. The picture of your husband is transformed!

    I really want to try this but am stuck at the step of adding a "Levels Layer" :( probably because I only have Photoshop 7.0 and not CS3. or maybe because i barely know how to do the simplest things in photoshop.

    In any case, I'll keep trying.

    Hope you are doing well.