Sunday, February 17, 2008


These crackers are pretty much what I imagine prison food to taste like.

I can't stop eating them, though, because they're the only thing in this house that requires no preparation. (Peeling bananas and oranges have just become too much of a time suck in my very busy schedule...I'll be adding laziness to my blog list of categories) This is key for someone who values the speed of which one can get food to mouth. Wasa Crackers = High food to mouth velocity. And they're already so bad that I just leave the bag open in the pantry because what's the worst that could happen? Your cardboard brick of a cracker will go stale? For the Catholics out there, let me put it this way: Wasa crackers have NOTHING on communion.

Hey, speaking of Catholicism, tis the season for Lent. No meat on Fridays, right? So technically we should NOT receive communion on Fridays since the eucharist becomes Jesus' body. I mean, unless Jesus' flesh is made of cod, we're eating meat, right? Then again, the guy has been known to pull a David Blaine or two so I wouldn't put it past him where he's just like, Yeah, you know what? On Fridays I'm made out of cod. Sneaky Jesus.



  1. I love Wasa crackers... the flavored ones are a little less prison-y.... And I'd slap a little vache qui rit on it. I guess that's a bit processed though. Maybe some cheddar-style goat cheese would be good.

  2. Actually, funny you should mention this because after this post I DID try goat cheese and sliced apples on this and it was delish.

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