Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Introducing Orthorexia Nervosa

My friend, Erin, has defined a new eating disorder on one of her recent blog posts. It's certainly well thought out and an interesting read probably because I know quite a few folks with this. precise. condition. I like to be healthy too, but sometimes these people just suck all of the joy out of eating even if the meal at hand IS healthy because you spend all your time examining/talking about the benefits of the food instead of just enjoying the taste.

Part of the battle of eating healthy, for me, has been learning to appreciate the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables after having been raised on Skyline Chili. And turns out they really taste good! Your body even starts to crave the sugar in fruits instead of the sugar in chocolate. This has been a more effective way for me to err on the healthier side of food choices (though don't look at what I've been eating in my Twitter lately). So for all you Orthorexics out there, keep eating healthy, but JESUS. Rediscover the joy in food.


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