Friday, May 09, 2008

I've Been Cheating on You

When I haven't been here, I've been writing posts for Garrett Photography (where I intern). Anyway I wrote a post yesterday that felt a little more Kellinahandbasket but sweet-i-fied for a different crowd. It feels unfair not to link to it so here's the round-up of all the posts you've missed out on:
Sometimes people get excited and think that I took those pictures and I didn't. That's the handiwork of Garrett and Jason who are pretty freakin' talented. I rough edit their stuff (meaning I go through the thousands of pictures from the event and start deleting the obvious throw-aways, and it's a hard job because they take such great pictures. It also helps that seemingly the most flawless specimens of the human race flock to them. Anway. I'm going to point you to my other posts in a more timely manner. Or not. I'm not good at making promises.


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