Monday, December 15, 2008


Angela Carone from KPBS' These Days e-mailed me this past weekend to see if they could feature one of my photos on their blog, Culture Lust, today. This is awesome for a million reasons:
  • Duh, it's my photography (though I have to admit that when I see my pic among the others, mine clearly seems to be the least artistic).
  • It's my co-worker's band, The Midwinters
  • These Days is all too familiar to someone who rarely changes the radio dial from the NPR/KPBS station.
  • It was randomly found on Flickr. I'm still amazed how great and well-respected flickr has turned out to be in the larger publishing world.
Kind of weird that all that time of unemployment actually yielded a semi-competent talent because lately I've rarely been tooling around in my own hobby for me. I'm actually in demand for others. The only problem is that I can't bring myself to charge because they're friends (I have a ring of people who yell at me for this, but dude...don't mix friends and business) I'm in serious need of a pimp that will take care of my bidness for me.


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