Sunday, March 29, 2009

When I was your age, we skied.

It only took 3 years, but we finally went skiing at Mountain High in the San Bernardino Mountains this past weekend, after a drive out to Anza Borrego on the Cesar Chavez holiday on Friday (I posted a few pictures from the trip on Petri's blog).

I learned a very important lesson this weekend: I'm old. Among the things that made me feel ancient:

  • The "High" in "Mountain High" has nothing to do with altitude.
  • We were 2 of maybe 5 skiers in the whole resort (the rest were snowboarders).
  • We were 2 of maybe 5 people over 30 yrs old. Apparently skis & age are related.
  • "Surfer dude" speech exists on the mountains in addition to the beach.
  • I remember when snow gear was just supposed to keep you warm. Now? I'm pretty sure there's probably a fashion magazine out there solely for snowboarders. My pants were so was my North Face jacket (but it blocks the wind!).
Body related:
  • When I lifted my leg, I could feel my ligaments/ tendons pull away from my bones, from the weight of the skis. That was a confidence booster...
  • I got tired halfway down the first run.
  • I'm pretty sure I fell every single run I did.
  • I was afraid of going too fast (I mean, what the ****?! Who am I?)
  • I didn't want to stay the full 8 hours that I paid for.


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  1. Oh, I love this. So glad you guys finally made it to the mountain!

    I went snowboarding 4 times in the past week and can tell you that the skis are alive and well in Maine. As far as being "too old", I shared a lift with a guy once who was lamenting that his wife wasn't interested in learning how to ski (he was on skis). He added, "Well, she *is* 25," implying that she was getting too old to learn. I told him that I was learning how to snowboard at 30 so mid-20s isn't a real excuse.