Friday, April 10, 2009


WeFollow has usurped most of my internet surfing attention in the last 2 days. It's a directory of Twitter "power" users so it's a lot of celebrity-types and gurus who have gotten on the Web 2.0 train.

It's been interesting to see who's tapped in, but mostly it's boring. The problem with celebrities/experts on twitter is that their feed is 90% @replies to threads you didn't see from the beginning or it's plainly not them (it's their manager or publicist pushing their shows or schwag). The shopping feeds could be potentially useful, though--lots of discounts.

Paula Poundstone has been a great find, though. Probably her own manager or publicist pushed her into Twitter since she's a self-proclaimed luddite, but the luddite factor works to her advantage--she doesn't know how to @reply or include links, so it's just this clean page of her humor (which is why I'd want to follow her in the first place).

If only Eddie Izzard would get on twitter...


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