Thursday, September 15, 2005

Map Shopping

Who knew it could be so hard? As far as cartography goes, we're still as clueless as when we thought the world was flat. We grew up on Mercator Projection maps, which major map companies like Rand McNally and Hammond still publish despite their distortion of country sizes and shape. Imagine how a larger than life or pea-sized United States of America might affect, for instance, an American's patriotism. Based on this map, though, I'm surprised Greenlanders haven't been a little headier.

Then came the Peters Projection map which attempts to correct the distortion and in turn our impressions. But this wasn't working out so alternatives to both have come up, though the trick to the Upside-down map is realizing that they're not saying, "Fuck this crazy map debate," rather, "We, on the Southern Hemisphere are the ones who are right-side up."

Ryan and I, however, are saying, "F*** this crazy map debate," and probably opting for a globe that allows us to put on our beer goggles so that we can see the world as a beautiful beautiful place.


  1. Globes are cool. Sometimes you can find them used. My brother has a dented one on a stand. As long as you point China toward the wall, it looks sweet.