Thursday, April 24, 2008

Allerca is Now Lifestyle Pets

Remember the sham company Allerca? Well now they're called Lifestyle Pets. I guess word got around that their CEO, Simon Brodie, is a con man so they re-invented their name and image. The new "image" of Lifestyle Pets sounds and makes it look like the cats will accessorize your modern furniture nicely. How thoughtful of them. Now when my cat expels hairballs and sheds on my furniture it can match in an elegant and classy way!

Still pushing their supposed hypoallergenic cats (that, still, no one has seen) at an elevated price of $5k (and upwards of $130k), you can now supposedly buy exotic mini-leopard looking 25 lb. cats (called the ASHERA) that are also hypoallergenic. I'm sure they'll be coming out soon with another genetically modified cat that doesn't even poop!

They've also shed that "San Diego-based company" area code, which either means that Simon Brodie moved Delaware (the new area code location) or someone got a cell phone plan there and brought it back to SD.

I've e-mailed them again to see if Simon Brodie is still affiliated. Updates forthcoming when I receive a response.



  1. Delaware has the most lenient liability and fiduciary standard rules, meaning if a civil litigation starts up they're much more vulnerable under liberal CA law. Smart move on their part.

    (Isn't it sad that I know that, and sadder still that it's my actual job to know it?).

    They're still bastards though. Reminds me of the puppy mills. God, I hate those people.

  2. Does Allerca have anything to do with those toyger things? Kind of weirds me out.